From My College Discussion Bored (sic)

For one of my Sophomore level courses, we were required to participate in a weekly discussion board.  I thought about posting excerpts of this one, titled “Hurrican Katrina” (sic), but I think it should be posted in it’s entirety.  Enjoy. (Reminder: this is a COLLEGE class).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the federal system?

According to our textbook there are several advantages that benefit the American citizens. The federal system policy helps governs many areas, education, civil rights, environmental protection, welfare provision. Pg119. I cannot image not have such a system in place.  The federal system can overturn just about any decision made in the local government.

In our everyday lives are challenges and I believed the disadvantages are all the red tape in the justice system we face? To receive some of the services you would have to be close death or on the street to receive.  The control that the federal system has on mankind is unbelievable.  The wars are control by this system, live or die is control by the system.  The federal system has the power to control.

Are there some things handled at the federal level you believe would be better by the state or local levels?

Yes, I believe having state and local control can serve its purpose joining forcing with other state on the local level to protect the innocence would eliminate further tragic from happing across state boundaries. Pg. 120 the 2002, Washington event.

Are there some things handled at the state and local levels you believe would be better by the federal level? Why?

Yes, civil rights and voting rights.

Due to the corruptions in the United State such as slavery, republicans verse the democratic parties justice would fail by the waste side without our federal government upholding the rights for all people.

Discuss how the effects of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans revealed the complexity of the federal system.

The blame game, the federal government blamed the state government for failing to request specific help.  Pg. 95.  Having local control seem to have turned, I believed having the local control is ok as long as no one has to be held accountable. Katrina was devastating and no one wanted to take responsible

3 responses to “From My College Discussion Bored (sic)

  1. Luke,

    I just want to say that this decline in basic writing skills seems to be fairly common. Several papers I worked with in a group (big mistake) were terrible when I got them – about the level you shared here – and this is for graduate school! I don’t want to blame it on “those meddling kids,” but clearly there is some kind of disconnect between teaching writing, and people learning how to write.


  2. Live or die is control by the system

    • Sort of reminds me of “All your base are belong to us”.

      By the way- it should be noted that the name of the author of the above in no way would indicate that he/she is not a native english speaker.

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