The Tramp Stamp, and How it Got Her Points

Evidently you can get points in college for having a slutty tattoo. Let me explain.

In January I made the leap back into college. The last school I attended was fairly rigorous, and I wasn’t particularly looking forward to trying to balance a semi-full-time course load and a full-time job, so I decided to take my first semester easy. I signed up for nine hours: both of my requirements for art appreciation and a U.S. History course. I was actually pretty excited about History. Anyone who knows me knows that US History is my thing, and I had never taken a college course in History, so I figured I would really learn something. Boy was I wrong.

As usual, the first class contained an overview of the syllabus, during which our “instructor” instructed us that, essentially, if we wanted to make an A, all we had to do was show up to class. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not much. The grading system was based upon a collection of points (my “instructor” called this the “treasure hunt”). Throughout the semester, we would have the opportunity to do a variety of in-class (and a FEW out of class) activities that would earn us points toward our final grade. An example of an activity would be something like… oh… participating in a class sing-a-long or reading aloud from the supplemental reading. As I looked through the syllabus I realized that a student could make an A without ever reading a single page from a single book. There was a “treasure hunt” activity that involved going to the library, finding a book on US History, copying down it’s basic bibliographic details, and writing a sentence or two on whether or not the student might want to read it one day. Reminder: this is a college.

Fast forward to Day Two. We’re talking about “Indians,” those who populated North America before it was called North America by its European explorers (aka Native Americans). My instructor comments that Indians used tattoos to communicate things about themselves to others, and asks the class if anyone would like to come up and show off their tattoo for POINTS. Several people come up and show various tattoos, but the best was saved for last. There is a girl, about 19 probably, who is wearing a very form-fitting skirt and sweater. I begin to wonder, “Where is this tattoo she’s going to show us?” She then proceeds to turn around, pulls up her sweater and lowers her skirt to reveal some generic looking tramp stamp on her lower back. “What does it mean?” asks my instructor. “It means I was 18 and rebellious.” She was then handed a slip of paper that served as proof of points earned, and she was 20 points closer to an A in the class.

This is a true story. I’m not sure I could make this stuff up.

2 responses to “The Tramp Stamp, and How it Got Her Points

  1. Ja dude, at least at Baptist College those tatoos were slightly higher up…and in Hebrew.

  2. coming soon to an episode of Community!

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