Blood on the Tree of Liberty

I’ve been really bad about blogging lately, but something is on my mind that I’d like to process here. I’ve been reading a lot of stuff recently about conservative reactions to the Obama Presidency. There seems to be a rising tide of resentment, culminating in public questions of the current government’s legitimacy, and in some places, calls for (or speculation of) revolution.

In our 200+ years as a nation, we have held over 50 presidential elections. In the last one, Barack Obama beat John McCain by just under 10 Million votes, and by 192 electoral votes. His victory was decisive. The American people chose their leader in the same way that we have done every four years since our constitution was ratified. In addition, the American people voted decisively for large majorities in both houses of Congress.

You may be disappointed with the results. You may be discouraged by your fellow citizens’ electoral choices. But, I’m sorry, that’s how our system works. We are a nation that chooses its leaders and its laws according to the will of the majority. That means that sometimes, when we find ourselves in the minority, we don’t get our way. And during the preceding 28 years, the Democrats did not get their way for twenty.

I realize that this kind of change can be unsettling. But there’s something you can do about it. You can exercise your First Amendment rights to free speech and you can get out there and make your case known. You can tell as many people as you can how your philosophy and policies are better. And in two years, when we hold another set of elections, you can advocate for candidates who represent you and your ideas. And again they’ll face the entirety of the American electorate and we’ll decide if they have better ideas for our nation.

I fail to see how one can advocate that the government has become tyrannical against the will of the people, when the government was elected as a result of the will of the people. Maybe not of YOUR will, but the will of your neighbors and fellow citizens. If we decide in two or four or six years that those we elected are failing us, we can send them home. Until the government somehow usurps our basic rights to remove them from office, I don’t see how we can allege that they are being tyrannical. And until they become tyrannical, I don’t see how we can advocate some kind of non-electoral over-throw.

That would be a minority imposing their will on the majority, and THAT would be tyranny.


This is what I read that got me riled up if you’re interested.

One response to “Blood on the Tree of Liberty

  1. Fascists, who historically have tended to be reactionary conservatives, are always frustrated by democracy.

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