Presidents in the Schools

At age 7 and 10 I heard Presidents Reagan and Bush (41) give similar addresses to American school children. I voted for Barack Obama. It seems to me that conservatives would want their kids to hear President Obama so they’ll grow up and vote conservative.

From the economist:

“…if conservatives are worried that Obama will beam his mind-rays through the television screens and turn their children into…pro-business moderate liberals, or something, they should chill out: the mind-rays don’t work. In 1988, Ronald Reagan addressed the nation’s schoolchildren via television, and in 1991, George H.W. Bush did the same. And in 2008, those kids, now aged roughly 24 to 38, voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama. If, on the other hand, conservatives make the president’s speech seem like something forbidden and cool, that they’re not allowed to watch…that just might ensure those kids vote Democratic when they get the chance.”

One response to “Presidents in the Schools

  1. and people still think i should take republicans seriously? seriously??

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